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2022-2023 Season

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Diving deep into concept of remix, our first season 'post-pandemic' explores interconnecting stories.

This season is all about the complex identities that weave through music. From home countries to family stories, local quirks to intergenerational legacies, we share what makes us who we are.

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Past Seasons

2021-2022 Season

This season is dedicated to opening up, both literally and metaphorically. Breaking norms, creating opportunities, and celebrating successes.
Music Gallery: 2020-2021 Season

2020-2021 Season

Entirely online, we welcomed new Artistic Director Sanjeet Takhar to the team as we navigated lockdowns with new forms of programming.
A violinist performs in front of projected images
A vocalist wearing colourful clothing performs in front of a fabric backdrop

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  • Respectfulchild. Photo by Claire Harvie

  • Lido Pimienta. Photo by Kevin Jones

  • Bear Witness. Photo by Claire Harvie

  • Melody McKiver. Photo by Terry Lim

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A violist performs seated in front of a laptop

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