Spore Wind

Concert in Co-presentations 2022-2023 Series

Electric grit meets apocalyptic folk in this multimedia event

Electric grit meets apocalyptic folk in this multimedia event with a world premiere by co-curator Bekah Simms. Solo Jaw-Harpist chik white joins audiovisual artist Dan Tapper to explore the disintegration of sound. Also featured in pre-concert is the 7th annual Teen Composer Award at 7:45PM. 

Bekah Simms (CA), co-curator and composer
chik white (CA), jaw harp
Dan Tapper (CA), digital artist and technical director

Raven Chacon (US), The Journey of the Horizontal People (2016)
Rohan Chander (US), All I Need From U is Shanti (2018) Video by Rose Generoso
Clara Iannotta (IT), Al di lá del bianco (2009)
Bekah Simms (CA), Spore Wind* (2023)
Christina Volpini (CA), mirror of the four unknowns (2019)
chik white (CA), Improvisation


We strongly encourage masking at all times. For our full policy, click here


918 Bathurst, is not currently wheelchair accessible due to stairs (two half-flights to enter the performance space, and one flight to access the washrooms). 

We will have ear plugs, sunglasses, and a ‘therapeutic room’ for those that need it. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to matthew@musicgallery.org


We expect all attendees and community members to respect one another, and to respect the work that was created for you to explore. We will not tolerate harm or harmful behaviour of any kind. View our policy here.


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