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David Dacks, Executive Director


COVID Policy

The Music Gallery is committed to enacting safety measures to provide a kind, comfortable experience at all of our events.

We realize that attending music events can be a momentary escape from the outside world. For this reason, we will continue to try our best to take necessary covid precautions in these ever shifting times. We hope that these temporary measures will allow everyone to feel good about entering our space.

Our primary aim is to make sure people can feel comfortable and immersed at Music Gallery events. We are all eager to get back to venues, we feel it’s important to proceed with visible and clear safety policies. We will be following public health guidelines set out by local and provincial authorities for both audiences and performers.

These are our public health measures until further notice.

Before entering the venue:

What to expect when you arrive at the venue:

While this is our policy at current, we always welcome feedback. Feel free to share your thoughts on our anonymous google form.

Updated May 2022