A vocalist sings with her eyes closed in front of a mic
A musician plays an instrument in front of a screen with projected image
  • Tara Kannangara and band. Photo by Kevin Jones

  • Jerusalem In My Heart. Photo by Kevin Jones

We are a globally significant centre for creative music.

We seek to address the question “what does experimental and creative activity look and sound like?” with our community and with our artists.

Our Work

Established in 1976 by members of the Canadian Creative Music Collective (CCMC), the Music Gallery develops, presents and promotes contemporary music in all genres.

Since the beginning, our mandate to foster innovation and experimentation in music has remained constant, and today, we continue to redefine the possibilities for concert music.

A large, empty room with a wooden ceiling and a lectern on stage
918 Bathurst Great Hall. Photo by Conor McSweeny

Our Space

Located inside 918 Bathurst Centre, featuring one of Toronto’s most beautiful small concert halls, our home base features multiple rooms for event programming.

If you’d like to inquire about a Music Gallery co-presented event, click here.

Our History

A man and a woman lead a parade down a busy street.
A large, empty room with a wooden ceiling and a lectern on stage
A musician plays an electric cello while seated in front of a projected representation of an audio wave.
A musician works with a laptop and electronics while standing on stage.
  • History of Bathurst St. Sounds parade. Photo by Elijah Nichols

  • 918 Bathurst Great Hall. Photo by Conor McSweeny

  • Amahl Arulanandam. Photo by Kevin Jones

  • Zibiiwan. Photo by Terry Lim

In the beginning, there was music. Over its 40-year history, the Music Gallery has been many things to many people. When it was founded in 1976 by Peter Anson and Al Mattes, it quickly became a hub for collaboration, creative exploration and musical performance.

Timeline of our History

Our People


Sanjeet Takhar

Artistic Director

Matthew Fava

Matthew Fava

Executive Director

kristel and lana staff pic

Kristel Jax

Content Coordinator / Graphics

Akash Bansal

Production Coordinator

Elise Boeur

Patron Services

Will Carriere, Patron Services

Will Carriere

Patron Services

Ali Jafri

Lighting Technician

Kevin Jones


Tad Michalak


Sandor Ajzenstat

Lighting Director

Paul Hodge

Technical Director

Sara Constant


Kerrick Pereira

Kerrick Pereira

Assistant Audio Technician

Board of Directors

Dave Darby


Samuel Bayefsky


Byron Olivares


Shalini Shan-Hernandez

tUkU Matthews

Monica Pearce

Laura Stanley

Bobby Hrehoruk, Music Gallery Board Member

Bobby Hrehoruk

Fahim Karmali

Artistic Advisory Council

Morgan-Paige Melbourne

Kristina Guison

Stephen Jackman-Torkoff

Linus Booth

Mani Mazinani

Roberto Soria

Yang Chen

Musicians sit on the floor in front of a stage as part of a concert.
People place their hands on each others’ backs in a workshop

How we practice community safety

  • Heather Saumer, Rebecca Hennessey and Karen Ng. Photo by Claire Harvie

  • Deep Listening in session. Photo by Claire Harvie

  • Zibiiwan. Photo by Terry Lim

A musician works with a laptop and electronics while standing on stage.

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Current Season

2023-2024 Season

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A violinist performs in front of projected images
A vocalist wearing colourful clothing performs in front of a fabric backdrop

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Help creative music and performance thrive in Toronto. Your contribution supports our vibrant community of innovative artists.

  • Respectfulchild. Photo by Claire Harvie

  • Lido Pimienta. Photo by Kevin Jones

  • Bear Witness. Photo by Claire Harvie

  • Melody McKiver. Photo by Terry Lim

An MC introduces a show in front of a projected logo.
A violist performs seated in front of a laptop

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