Quatuor Bozzini

Quatuor Bozzini plays Occam Delta XV by Eliane Radigue


The Music Gallery and Toronto Creative Music Lab present
Quatuor Bozzini plays Occam Delta XV by Eliane Radigue
Friday June 14 2019
The Music Gallery, 918 Bathurst St.
Doors: 7:30PM | Concert: 8PM
$20 Regular/$15 Advance/$10 Members, Students 

Toronto Creative Music Lab continues its annual residency at 918, engaging and encouraging young composers to work together in a creative hothouse environment over the course of a week. Within this residency, we present a visit from Montreal’s Quatuor Bozzini, whose Composers Kitchen events are a source of inspiration for TCML. The centrepiece of this concert is the Toronto premiere of their commission of legendary French electronic composer Eliane Radigue’s Occam Delta XV.

Éliane Radigue, born January 24, 1932, studied electroacoustic music techniques at the RTF Studio d’essai under the direction of Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry (1957-58). Until 2000, she composed her works from the modular synthesizer ARP 2500 and tape recorders, but since then she has been working with acoustic instruments.

It is difficult to classify Eliane Radigue’s music as it differs from the major “classical” currents of contemporary music. The exclusive use of drones situates her aesthetic at the crossroads of minimalist, electronic, and spectral currents, also giving her music a spiritual and meditative dimension

Occam Delta XV is the newest addition to the monumental Occam cycle. Its title refers to the figure of William Occam – famous nominal philosopher for a “principle of parsimony” (the ‘Occam’s razor’) which presents obvious analogies with the music of Radigue – but also a David Duncan science-fiction novel, Occam’s Razor, in which there is talk of a mythical ocean. Each of the cycles is a  tenuous line, which sometimes grows and sometimes dwindles organically, and which, without ever deviating from its course, continually reveals new riches, abolishing all notions of time and space.

The other three pieces are are taken from the Composers Kitchen@15 retrospective concert.


Andrea Young, L’enfumée (2019)
string quartet, and soprano
Éliane Radigue, Occam Delta XV (2018)
string quartet
Commission: Quatuor Bozzini
Jason Doell, “… amid the cannon’s roar, ” (2017)
string quartet
Michael Oesterle, Kingfisher (2016)
string quartet
Michael Oesterle, Orangutan (2016)


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