musicworks 40

Musicworks 40

Is it a Magazine plus CD or a CD plus Magazine?


The Music Gallery and Musicworks present
Is it a Magazine plus CD or a CD plus Magazine?

Musicworks Magazine is like the Music Gallery’s younger sibling. We share the same DNA and grew up together sharing offices, personnel, and most importantly a similar outlook on contemporary music’’s ongoing evolution. On this night we help them celebrate their 40th anniversary with this free outreach event at 6PM, and by presenting artists recently featured in their pages at a concert later in the evening: The Brodie West Quintet “Clips” album release + Wow And Flutter.

Hosts Fahmid Nibesh + Joe Strutt were a major reason our 90s Archive Jam was so much fun and informative last January. Prior to the Brodie West Quintet album release, they curate a conversational space for Musicworks Magazine’s 40th anniversary. They will facilitate an interactive discussion of Musicworks’ tapes/CDs, which were produced alongside each issue beginning in 1983. Moving from origin stories to various outward trajectories, this dynamic convergence promises real-time, participatory, Rashomon-like memory clashes. Archival materials will encourage hands-on perusal and memory-sparking. All will be welcome to witness + retell Musicworks‘ history in all its imperfectly remembered splendour.


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