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A celebration of 35 years of Canadian Gamelan – Music Gallery

918 Bathurst St., Toronto, ON, M5R 3G5
Phone: (416) 204-1080

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A celebration of 35 years of Canadian Gamelan

Co-Presentations in Series

Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan
A celebration of 35 years of Canadian Gamelan

Formed in 1983, the Evergreen Club is a unique performing ensemble dedicated to the development and expansion of its repertoire through the commissioning of new works, and interpreting traditional and contemporary Indonesian pieces

This concert is a presentation of a diverse collection of Evergreen Club’s extensive repertoire. This special evening will also feature the seminal ECCG work for extended gamelan by Gilles Tremblay (1995), to include 2 harps, double bass, Ondes Martenot, French Horn and percussion.

Special guest artists: Conductor, Gregory Oh, and Genvieve Grenier, Ondes Martenot.


Babalen (2007, rev. 2018) composed by Ade Suparman (West Java, Indonesia) for degung

New Digs (2018) composed by Peter Hatch (British Columbia, Canada) for degung and orca pod recording

Rengga-Renggi (2000) composed by Burhan Sukarma (West Java, Indonesia/USA), arr. Bill Parsons (Toronto, Canada) for degung

Materia Prima (1995) composed by Estelle Lemire (Québec, Canada) for ondes Martenot soloist and degung

L’abre du Borobudur (1995) composed by Gilles Tremblay (Québec, Canada 1932-2017) for degung, French horn, ondes Martenot, two harps, double bass, two percussionists. (conducted by Gregory Oh)



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