X AVANT XIII: Tasman Richardson

Concert , Multimedia in X Avant XIII: The Halluci Nation Series


The Music Gallery presents
X Avant XIII: The Halluci Nation Night 1
Tasman Richardson + See Monsters + Creeasian & Bear Witness

Night one is dedicated to visual artistry. JAWA developer Tasman Richardson is one of Bear’s major visual inspirations, and we’re thrilled to invite him back to the MG presenting two new three channel live A/V performances: A Line Has Two Sides (2017), which uses hundreds of glitches harvested from an Atari 2600 game console, and Darkness Is to Space As Silence Is to Sound (2018) sourced FM transmissions from around the earth and their landscapes as viewed by satellite. The fragments are heavily cross-pollinated to produce an omnipresent survey of our relentlessly witnessed world.

See Monsters are Dean Hunt (DJ/Production) & Bracken Hanuse Corlett (Live-Visuals). They have been performing across Turtle Island since 2011, initially as members of Skookum Sound System and now as their current audiovisual duo. Both artists retain sonic and visual connection to their Indigenous lineage and bring forth a fused performance of Northwest Coast bass and moving light and images. Hunt digs into the realms of bass music with a heavy Northwest Coast influence. He also practices full-time as a contemporary artist working within the Heiltsuk traditions of painting and carving. Hanuse Corlett comes from the Wuikinuxv and Klahoose Nations and works in a variety of media including digital design, painting and sculpture.

Edmonton-based bboy, DJ, beatsmith, and grassdancer Matthew Wood (aka Creeasian), is an Indigenous and urban arts practitioner and educator. He also tours as a dancer for A Tribe Called Red, and here he’s joined in collaboration by Bear’s live visuals to kick off the festival programming.


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  • Respectfulchild. Photo by Claire Harvie

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