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today with all its hopes and sorrows: a reading by IONE

Multimedia in Series

The Music Gallery, Public Recordings, A Different Booklist and Art Metropole present
today with all its hopes and sorrows: a reading by IONE

note: no advance tickets, pay at the door only

Public Recordings, the Music Gallery, A Different Booklist and Art Metropole host Oliveros’ long-time collaborator and spouse: author, director, and text-sound artist IONE. IONE’S memoir, Pride of Family: Four Generations of American Women of Color is inspired by her indomitable feminist-abolitionist great-grandmother Frances Anne Rollin’s 1868 diary, and traces IONE’S genealogy through the stories of the women in her family. IONE’S offering will reflect on community, lineage, and the potency of text and sound as forms of remembrance.


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