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TCML 2018 Showcase

Concert in Co-presentations Series

Toronto Creative Music Lab & the Music Gallery present
TCML 2018 Showcase
The Music Gallery at 918 Bathurst

Join us for a unique, varied program of contemporary music that will developed as part of the 2018 Toronto Creative Music Lab (TCML).

TCML is an annual artistic and professional development workshop for early-career musicians and composers with experiences ranging from jazz, classical, improvisation, and beyond. TCML brings 40 artists from around the world together in a peer-mentored, 8-day workshop that fosters professional development, artistic growth, collaborative learning, and community building through workshops, rehearsals, social events, panel discussions, and performance.

Audiences will experience 10 new works that have been developed at 918 Bathurst in the week leading up to the concert.

You can learn more about the Toronto Creative Music Lab at www.tcml.ca


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