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New Music Concerts: The Mouths That Roar

Concert in Co-presentations 2019 - 2020 Series

New Music Concerts and the Music Gallery present The Mouths That Roar: Gabriel Dharmoo + Janice Jackson

$35 Regular
$25 MG Members, Seniors, Arts Workers
$10 Students

An outrageous double bill of vocal pyrotechnics featuring Gabriel Dharmoo and Janice Jackson. Montreal composer/performer Gabriel Dharmoo’s Anthropologies imaginaires (Imaginary Anthropologies) is a solo vocal performance that interacts with a video mockumentary. Various odd or isolated vocal expressions from around the world are woven together and revisited through imaginary folklore and experimental voice techniques, showcasing the virtuosity, versatility, and strangeness of the human voice. The result is a humorous and disturbing exploration of post-colonialism, post-exoticism, cultural extinction, globalization, normalized racism and cultural appropriation. Halifax-based soprano Jackson’s Voice Dance is a program of solo vocal compositions, many written especially for her. Over the past 30 years Jackson has performed and perfected a large body of solo voice pieces from composers around the world. From pure extended vocal techniques (Marie Pelletier) to theatre without words (Alice Ping Yee Ho) to solo mini opera (James Rolfe) these pieces are guaranteed to excite, stimulate, and amuse.

Unfortunately, 918 Bathurst is not currently wheelchair accessible due to stairs (two half-flights to enter the performance space, and one flight to access the washrooms). We are working as quickly as possible with 918 Bathurst to make the building accessible for all.


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