Music Gallery At Home – Summer Reruns

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The Music Gallery presents

Music Gallery At Home – Summer Reruns

Friday June 5, 7PM

Friday August 7, 7PM

All performances will be streamed live via the Music Gallery Facebook Page and via :

Music Gallery At Home rides again with a pair of  Facebook “watch parties” in support of Bandcamp Day, wherein the platform will waive their revenue share for all sales to support artists impacted by Covid-19. Kicking off June 5, MGAH Summer Reruns spotlights a couple of our Bandcamp releases which document some peak MG experiences of recent years. At a time we can’t get together in person, here is a chance for us all to relive events which brought people together in unique and unusual ways: Tatsuya Nakatani’s Gong Orchestra (June 2018) and Slowpitchsound’s set from the epic “MG Remixed” season finale in 2016. Both watch parties will feature many of the original artists joining in the commentary with memories of the events and additional thoughts.

We are also very happy to announce the Music Gallery will now bring you a re-watch of some of the most fascinating dialogues put forward at the Music Gallery from past editions of the X Avant Festival!

Bandcamp Watch Parties:

June 5Tatsuya Nakatani Gong Orchestra (The Music Gallery, 2018) + in association with Small World Music

14 of your favourite Toronto musicians spanning jazz, reggae, noise, country and hip hop come together to execute a remarkable composition for gongs as conducted by the inimitable Tatsuya Nakatani. This is a new release!

August 7SlowPitchSound (MG Remixed, 2016) + co-presented with IF: Improvisation Festival

Part of “MG Remixed: Allatonceness” curated by Rea McNamara, Slowpitchsound and his partner in dance Libydo energized the psychedelic set design of Diana Lynn VanDerMeulen.

Panel Discussion Watch Parties:

June 15 – Building the Halluci Nation (X Avant Festival, 2018)
Moderated by Narcy, with panelists Bear Witness, Jennifer Kreisberg and Lido Pimienta

July 13 – Future of Creative Music Toronto (X Avant Festival, 2019)
Moderated by David Dacks, with panelists Michael Rancic (Now Magazine), Jessica Cho (Korea Town Acid), Amanda Smith (FAWN Chamber Creative) and Rich Brown (RinseTheAlgorithim,

August 10 – Forward Together (X Avant Festival, 2019)
Moderated by Del Cowie, with panelists Cheryl Duvall (Thin Edge New Music Collective), Ange Loft (YAMANTAKA//SONIC TITAN), Chelsea McBride (Socialist Night School) and Keysha Freshh (The Sorority)

And if that wasn’t enough, each event will additional LIVE commentary from many of the original panelists and artists!

All performance and talks will be streamed LIVE via the Music Gallery Facebook Page; and via, Mondays and Fridays at 7pm EST.


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  • Respectfulchild. Photo by Claire Harvie

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