Maria Chávez + Debashis Sinha

Concert , Performance

In two solo sets, Maria Chávez and Debashis Sinha explore the close-up, circular materiality of sound—from the vinyl record to tabletop bass drum.

Maria Chávez returns to the Music Gallery for an evening dedicated to the subtle grit and contours of recorded and repurposed sound.

Drawing on her ongoing practice as an abstract turntablist and sound artist, Maria will present a solo live set, deconstructing and reimagining the close-up materiality of the vinyl record.

Toronto artist Debashis Sinha joins the evening with a new solo percussion set, playing with the circular motion and surface tension of tabletop bass drum.

In the gallery, we feature works from Maria Chávez’s visual art practice—exhibited in Toronto for the first time—alongside new installations by Montreal artists Lina Choi + Robin-Dimitrije Gosselin-Monasevic that explore the movement of the vibrating loudspeaker cone as a delicate, percussive force.

Curated by Sara Constant.


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