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Continuum: Inside Us

Concert in Co-presentations 2019 - 2020 Series

Continuum Contemporary Music and The Music Gallery present:
Inside Us
Doors: 7:30PM,
The 4th Toronto Teen Composer Award: 7:45PM
Concert: 8PM
Door: students/arts workers/seniors/members $15, general $20
Online: students/arts workers/seniors/members $12, general $18
Inside Us charts the delicate and dramatic convergence between technology and the human body. The concert features the premiere of Juliet Palmer’s The Choreography of Trauma, Palmer’s personal response to the Trauma Bay, oscillating between technical virtuosity and the emotional and physical stress of this life-and-death area of medicine.

We feature The Element Choir under the direction of Christine Duncan, and Jazz Soprano Laura Swankey with video and audio. Martijn Voorvelt‘s Frederick’s doctor, for tenor Christopher Mayell and ensemble, rounds out this exploration of music and health sciences.

Continuum is delighted to participate in this interdisciplinary engagement with collaborators at Sunnybrook Research Institute.


Juliet Palmer* (CA)
Martijn Voorvelt† (NL)

* World premiere
† Commissioned by Continuum

Unfortunately, 918 Bathurst is not currently wheelchair accessible due to stairs (two half-flights to enter the performance space, and one flight to access the washrooms). We are working as quickly as possible with 918 Bathurst to make the building accessible for all.


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