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History Series: Creative Music Journalism

Panel in History Series

The Music Gallery and Musicworks Magazine present
History Series: Creative Music Journalism

The documentation of Toronto’s creative music through the written word has been crucial to its definition and wider exposure. Evolving from occasional coverage of jazz and “new” music in major newspapers during the 50s and 60s, experimental music found dedicated outlets in publications such as Coda and Musicworks  by the 70s. During the 80s and 90s the advent of alternative media such as NOW Magazine, Eye Weekly and the WholeNote placed creative music activities in a wider alternative cultural context and Toronto-based Exclaim magazine pushed local experimental music to even greater national and international platform. These days, podcasting has carved a new medium incorporating both journalism and radio production to promote creative music to different audiences than was ever possible with the written word.

In this session, Artistic Director David Dacks will talk to journalists past and present about the challenges and joys of trying to describe abstract music. Panelists for this event are Mark Miller (Globe and Mail), Carl Wilson (Slate, The Guardian, Globe and Mail), Katie Jensen (Polaris Music Prize podcast, IMPSTR), Jennie Punter (Musicworks, Toronto Star) and Jerry Pratt (Exclaim)


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