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Malcolm Goldstein + Doug Van Nort + Electro-Acoustic Orchestra – Music Gallery

918 Bathurst St., Toronto, ON, M5R 3G5
Phone: (416) 204-1080

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Malcolm Goldstein + Doug Van Nort + Electro-Acoustic Orchestra

Co-Presentations in Series

The DisPerSion Lab, The Music Gallery and the York U. Music Department Present:

Malcolm Goldstein
Doug Van Nort
Electro-Acoustic Orchestra

For this concert we welcome internationally-acclaimed violinist and composer/improviser Malcolm Goldstein to Toronto. For this concert Malcolm will present two pieces that place on display his incredible range, sensitivity and ability to dynamically shift between noise and tone, texture and gesture. Guaranteed to be a masterclass in deep listening and sounding, Goldstein will demonstrate why it has been said that he has “reinvented violin playing.”

Also on the bill will be an increasingly-rare Toronto solo set by Doug Van Nort. Once highly active as a solo performer, since moving to Toronto Van Nort has focused his energies into the DisPerSion Lab and Electro-Acoustic Orchestra. Only his second solo set in Toronto since moving here in 2014 and first local show since the X-Avant Festival with Pauline Oliveros, Ione and Anne Bourne in 2016, Van Nort will present his brand of improvised sonic sculpting that is more well known in New York, Montreal or Europe than locally. This short solo will blend into a duo set with Goldstein.

Opening will be the emergent sonic organism that is the Electro-Acoustic Orchestra. Combining instrumental and electronic sources with soundpainting-based conducting and structured improvisations, the ensemble will present a shifting textured landscape that will move from post-rock to post-AMM and into something between-yet-entirely-its-own.

Each of the three sets will last roughly 30 minutes.

Malcolm Goldstein, as composer/violinist, has been active in the presentation of new music and dance since the early 1960’s in New York City , as co-founder of the Tone Roads Ensemble and as participant in the Judson Dance Theater, the New York Festival of the Avant Garde and the Experimental Intermedia Foundation. His “soundings” improvisations have received international acclaim for extending the range of tonal/sound-texture possibilities of the violin and revealing new dimensions of expressivity. His work has been presented internationally, and released on record labels such as Experimental Intermedia (XI), da capo, Wergo, Nonsequitur/ ¿What Next?, 0.0.Discs, Eremite, Folkways, In situ, and others. He has written extensively on improvisation and is the author of the book “Sounding the Full Circle ”.

His “soundings” improvisations have received international acclaim for having “reinventing violin playing”, extending the range of tonal/sound-texture possibilities of the instrument and revealing new dimensions of expressivity.

​Doug Van Nort is a composer and performer of electroacoustic and experimental electronic music. He performs on self-made and idiosyncratic ‘instrumental systems’ that explore an improvisatory and sculptural approach to working with sound using hands and voice, transforming and re-imagining sound both captured live and from his extensive archives of recorded materials which include any and all sounds discovered through attentive listening to the world. Van Nort has performed and recorded internationally with a wide array of artists spanning musical styles, with regular collaborators in recent times including Pauline Oliveros, Francisco López, Stuart Dempster, Anne Bourne, Al Margolis (If, Bwana), Chris Chafe, Jonas Braasch, Kathy Kennedy and Composers Inside Electronics among many others. His music appears on several labels including Pogus, Deep Listening, Attenuation Circuit and Zeromoon.

The Electro-Acoustic Orchestra (dir. Doug Van Nort) is an ensemble comprised of a mixture of acoustic and electronic performers. It is an emergent sonic organism that evolves through collective attention to all facets of sound, soundpainting-based conducting and improvisational practice. The EAO performs a range of pieces by its members, invited guest artists and from the experimental music repertoire. Members for this concert are Brian Abbott, Chris Anderson-Lundy, David Bandi, Aaron Corbett, Darlene Dunn, Rory Hoy, Ian Jarvis, Ian Macchiusi, Kieran Maraj, Sam Mason, Mackenzie Perrault, Paul Petrocelli, Danny Shehan, Sean Stover, Adam Walters, and Lauren Wilson


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