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Co-presented with Unit 2

Emergents & You In Mind I: Parallel Playground

Music Gallery Productions in Emergents Series

possible worlds is a 4-part series dedicated to musical world-building. It calls us to dream up new futures for emerging artists where they have access to creative support as they experiment.

Curated by Unit 2, night three is a collection of experimental performances exploring noise, improvisation and different textures of sound. Featuring performances by Sa.resi, Deidre, and Vixu, Parallel Playfields aims to offer a new perspective on the landscape of contemporary experimental music.

The evening includes a pre-performance discussion, facilitated by Sameen and including all performers, with a focus on the creative process, the present culture of experimental music and the ways in which it can evolve.

This event is a collaboration between Unit 2, Emergents, and You In Mind, a new 5-part series by the Music Gallery dedicated to artists whose projects or organizations are not supported by public funding or otherwise do not have the means to present in venues of our scale.


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