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EMERGENTS I: REROOTS featuring Tamayugé + masc4masc – Music Gallery

918 Bathurst St., Toronto, ON, M5R 3G5
Phone: (416) 204-1080

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EMERGENTS I: REROOTS featuring Tamayugé + masc4masc

Music Gallery Productions in Series

The Music Gallery presents
Featuring Tamayugé + masc4masc
part of the Emergents Series
curated by Sara Constant and ML Gamboa
December 4, 2020

In the first Emergents series project of the Music Gallery’s 2019/20 season, artists reflect on imagined and speculative folklores. What are the community stories that we tell each other? What kinds of knowledge can we find in our pasts, and pasts that might have been? This online project presents new video releases from Montreal-based duo Tamayugé and queercore performance art project masc4masc, alongside a collection of poems and stories curated by Toronto-based writer ML Gamboa. The collection of poems, music, and storytelling will be available on the Music Gallery’s website starting Friday, December 4.

As Tamayugé, Maya Kuroki (of Rippleganger and TEKE::TEKE) and Tamara Filyavich (of Moose Terrific and B.U.M.) blend Japanese and Ukrainian traditions into a new electronic storyscape. With Kuroki on vocals and electric guitar and Filyavich on electronics, Tamayugé uses tales from both countries as a musical meeting point for the cinematic, the ritualistic, and the dreamlike.

masc4masc is the duo project of Sadie Hochman-Ruiz (guitar, electronics) and Hillary Jean Young (vocals, electronics). Formed in San Diego and now based in Ontario, masc4masc’s music draws on diverse musical influences to create eclectic and earnest musical narratives. For Emergents, masc4masc will perform a new rendition of Not Another Queer Movie—a long-form fan-fic performance piece that parodies the early 2000s high school movie canon, and speculates on “a queer adolescence that never was.”


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