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Continuum’s 35th Anniversary Celebration Concert!

Concert in Co-presentations 2019 - 2020 Series

Continuum Contemporary Music and the Music Gallery present
Continuum’s 35th Anniversary Celebration Concert!
Pre-concert chat at 7:30PM including Emilie LeBel, Chris Goddard and Michael Oesterle/Concert: 8PM
$20 Regular/$15 Students, Members

Continuum began in 1985 as a collective of young rebel composers and performers who were disenchanted by the mainstream programming of the time. Since then, they have grown to become one of Canada’s major producers and collaborators of new works of music with an international reputation for excellence in performance and innovation in programming. With this concert, they celebrate the Music Gallery’s unique mandate and their 35-year legacy of collaboration, performance, and creation within contemporary chamber music.


Jason Doell** (CA)

Emilie LeBel* (CA)

Christopher Goddard* (CA)

Michael Oesterle* (CA)

Molly Joyce (US)


*world premiere

**commissioned by Continuum


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