Intersection Day 1: Mick Barr + Thin Edge New Music Collective + Droid

Concert , Panel in Departures Series Series

The Music Gallery and Intersection present

Intersection Day 1: Mick Barr + Thin Edge New Music Collective + Droid
Part of the Departures Series curated by Tad Michalak
+ Panel Discussion 8:30PM FREE

Once again we return to Intersection as Labour Day approaches. Intersection has grown from a one-day music marathon in Yonge Dundas Square to a festival encompassing several events. Intersection curator Tad Michalak (of Burn Down The Capital fame) is also the curator for our Departures Series, and we join forces once again to present an esteemed visiting composer collaborating with one of Toronto’s most forward thinking string ensembles.

NYC based experimental metal guitarist and composer Mick Barr straddles the worlds of metal, free improvisation, and contemporary classical, with his intricate, and angular playing style. Barr builds jarring yet trance like forms out of repetitive shredding. Piercing notes vibrate with intensity, as Mick’s hands merge with the guitar. An uncanny attention to detail both challenge & enthrals as brutality becomes beauty. Know for his work with American black metal band Krallice, as well as an extensive collaborative and solo practice that has seen the release of over 100 recordings, Barr is an integral piece of the contemporary avant-garde scene. He has collaborated with Zach Hill (Death Grips, Hella), John Zorn, Jon Irabagon, Marc Edwards, and Zeena Parkins to name a few. Don’t miss this rare performance featuring some of his Octis work, as well as a new solo guitar piece!

Adventurous boundary pushing contemporary ensemble, Thin Edge New Music Collective, founded by Cheryl Duvall and Ilana Waniuk perform three chamber pieces by Mick Barr including the world premiere of his string quartet “Quroten”. This arrangement of Thin Edge will include Ilana Waniuk and Suhashini Arulanandam on violins, Rachael Abramoff on viola, and Amahl Arulanandam oncello. The rest of the program will feature string trio “Fothem” and “Lordlore” for violin, cello, and featuring Cheryl Duvall on piano.

Brampton’s Droid skillfully meander through the conventions of what it means to be a heavy metal band, while defining their unique voice. Merging elements from prog, jazz & thrash with more methodically slow & psychedlic sections Droid create enthralling songs draw you into the void. Technical ripping guitar riffs spiral as if echoing out into space. Percise drum patterns keep languid guitar notes floating in some sonic swamp, until they release in a thrash fury. One of the most cohesive yet versatile bands Droid creates a brutal & haunting soundtrack for a post-apocolyptic sci-fi fueled world that is just as relevant today as it will be when that world become a reality.

Join us at 8:30PM for a panel discussion featuring Mick Barr, members of Thin Edge, composer Bekah Simms, and Tyler Semrick-Palmateer of experimental metal band Mare. Brutality & intensity in both contemporary classical music & in metal is something that can be accomplished through, volume, repetition, speed, fullness and randomization or a guise of it. These & many other techniques are applied in both metal & forms of contemporary classical music. This paired with a lean toward virtuosity both enthrals and eschews audiences.


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