Fusion Point: Sixtrum and Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan

Co-presented with Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan and Sixtrum

Fusion Point: Sixtrum and Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan, night 1

Concert in Co-presentations Series

A fusion point is the point of equilibrium between two states, liquid and solid. From this point, anything is possible. Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan and Sixtrum join forces for the first time to explore the fusion point between the instruments of Indonesian gamelan and classical percussion instruments, between the sounds of metal, wood and skins. On stage in this spectacular concert, 14 experienced musicians become 14 alchemists in pursuit of an unedited sonic fusion, premiering four new works commissioned for this project by Mark Duggan (orchestration of a work by Alain Thibault), Chris Paul Harman, Melissa Hui and Alithéa Ripoli. As a special feature ECCG will première a collaboration with Wisnu Wicaksono. For the first time in Canada, Javanese dance will be combined on stage with ECCG’s Sundanese gamelan degung. Wisnu is an acclaimed dancer from Central Java, Indonesia known for his adventurous mashups of classical Javanese royal court dance and hip hop styles.

  • Lou Harrison – Ibu Trish (1987), arr. ECCG with dance by Wisnu Wicaksono (2021)
  • Melissa Hui – Retak (2021)
  • Alithéa Ripoll – Kālī (2021)
  • Chris Paul Harman – When time turns around (2021)
  • Marc Duggan – La machinerie de l’angoisse (2021), arr. of L’angoisse des machines (1989) by Alain Thibault
SIXTRUM- Kristie Ibrahim, João Catalão, Olivier Tremblay-Noël, Julien Grégoire, Fabrice Marandola
EVERGREEN CLUB CONTEMPORARY GAMELAN- Blair Mackay (artistic director), Bill Parsons, Andrew Timar (suling), Mark Duggan, Chris Hull, Nathan Petitpas, Jonny Smith, Daniel Morphy
Wisnu Wicaksono


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