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Emergents I: Skin Tone + Stephanie Castonguay

Music Gallery Productions in Emergents Series

Night two of possible worlds is a concert dedicated to hacking and using found technology.

possible worlds is a 4-part series dedicated to musical world-building. It calls us to dream up new futures for emerging artists where they have access to creative support as they experiment.

Night two is a concert diving into hacking, breaking and reinventing. Stephanie Castonguay opens the night with her self-built light-scanner instruments in a reflective audio/visual set, co-presented with artist-run centre PIX FILM. Followed by a performance by Skin Tone (James Goddard), who uses voice, saxophone, mbira, and electronics to lean into the beauty and clarity of distortion.

Part of the Emergents series, curated by Sara Constant. 
Stephanie’s performance was developed as part of PIX FILM’s studio immersion program, with support from The Petman Foundation.


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