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Dastgah: Go: Organic Orchestra


The Music Gallery and New Ambient Modes present
Dastgah: Go: Organic Orchestra
Conducted by Adam Rudolph

Over the years, we’ve had a long history of presenting challenging and exhilarating large ensembles. Percussionist/ composer Adam Rudolph’s visit to the MG in 2016 was a memorable encounter between his Go: Organic notation system and the talents of fifteen eclectic Toronto musicians. One member of the ensemble, Araz Salek (This Tale of Ours Quartet, Shiraz Ensemble), was particularly inspired by encounter. Salek was the only musician in the ensemble whose primary background was outside of jazz or Western classical music. He was struck by how easily the format of the composition could be adopted to fit Iranian music, his main field and training. While Rudolph’s scores use an even-tempered 12-note scale, his approach could easily be adapted to include the tunings used in Iranian music.

Salek engaged Rudolph with the notion of a follow-up project. More than two years later, Dastgah is the result: a new work for large improvising ensemble made up of musicians whose home practices are in Iranian/Persian music, jazz, and new music.

Adopting and modifying Rudolph’s notation system and extending it to accommodate Iranian scales and tunings, this new piece will consist of scored material and hand gestures Rudolph uses to direct performers through the score, individually or in groups.


Santour: Sadaf Amini
Kamanche: Hamidreza Khalatbari
Tar: Araz Salek
Tuned Piano: Jonathan Adjemian
Ney: Ernie Tollar
Violin: Aline Homzy
Violin: Nelson Moneo
Double bass: Rob Clutton
Clarinet: Karen Ng
Trumpet: Emily Denison
Bassoon: Peter Lutek
Saxophone: Jay Hay
Tombak: Pedram Khavarzamini
Congas: Ruben Esguerra
Drums: Nick Fraser

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