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Transcript: Forward Together panel discussion

Published on: January 15, 2020

Del Cowie, Cheryl Duvall, Chelsea McBride, Ange Loft, Keysha Freshh

Moderated by Del Cowie, with Cheryl Duvall (Thin Edge New Music Collective), Ange Loft (YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN), Chelsea McBride (Socialist Night School) and Keysha Freshh (The Sorority).

This discussion that explores the joy and pain of keeping collectives and larger ensembles together in the long term. The theme proved… real, as two panelists saw their long-term projects discussed during this panel come to an end in the days and weeks since the festival. Nevertheless, hearing the panelists from widely divergent musical backgrounds compare and contrast their experiences created surprising common ground.

Thanks to Michael  Rancic for the transcript.


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