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The Music Gallery hires two Artistic Associates

Published on: September 11, 2019


The Music Gallery is proud to announce the hire of two Artistic Associates: Olivia Shortt and Pratishtha Kohli. Olivia and Pratishtha will work with us from September through March 2020. Both Associates impressed us with their breadth and depth of knowledge and willingness to learn and experiment.They will program a significant amount of the Music Gallery’s 2020-21 season and learn the finer points of music presentation from outgoing Artistic Director David Dacks.

About our new Artistic Associates:

Olivia Shortt (She/her/hers: Anishinaabe from Nipissing First Nation) is a Tkarón:to-based musician, improvisor, composer, sound designer, theatre artist, activist, curator, teacher, & producer. She had her NYC debut performing at the Lincoln Center with the International Contemporary Ensemble, her film debut in Atom Egoyan’s upcoming film Guest of Honour and recorded an album two kilometres underground in the SnoLAB (a Neutrino Lab in Northern Ontario, Canada). She is being commissioned by the JACK Quartet (NYC) to create a new work for them as a member of their inaugural JACK Studio.

Pratishtha Kohli moved to Toronto in 2012, after spending time in India, Malaysia, The Philippines and Hong Kong, bringing with her elements of cultural development from each of these spaces. She’s a soon to graduate with a M.Ed. from OISE at the University of Toronto, studying Adult Education and Community Development, with a focus on indigenous education paradigms, South Asian diaspora, decolonization and anti-hegemonic practices. Artistically, Pratishtha has worked with the Aga Khan Museum for the last three years, working both in front facing roles and as the Performing Arts Administrative Assistant, aiding in the research, curation, contract development and marketing of shows, developing Nuit Blanche programming, as well as Artist Liaison. Pratishtha founded her own Performing Arts Collective, The Tawoos Initiative, in 2018, focusing upon the decolonization of music production in the South Asian sphere- crossing genres and cultures to deconstruct the notion of “world music”. Through Tawoos, Pratishtha has worked collaboratively with Small World Music, The Aga Khan Museum, Untold Stories and the University of Toronto to showcase both international and local independent musicians from the South Asian diaspora, creating spaces and performances that are experimental, artistically unique and critically subversive of mainstream music practices.

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