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Music Gallery announces first half of 2019-20 season

Published on: August 13, 2019

(August 13, 2019) The Music Gallery, Toronto’s Centre For Creative Music, is pleased to announce the first half of its 2019-20 season.

This will be the final season of programming under Artistic Director David Dacks, who will step down to make way for a new Artistic Director by the beginning of the 2020-21 season.

Highlights include:

  • X Avant XIV featuring new work from Lido Pimienta and a world premiere collaboration between roots reggae legend Willi Williams and electronic composer New Chance
  • Noise and atmospherics from the world-renowned Moor Mother and Jerusalem In My Heart
  • Melancholia: Scott Walker – Adam Paolozza and Greg Oh remount and expand their “part concert, part spectacle, part existential talk-show” centered on the late, reclusive composer
  • An evening with Music Gallery co-founder Casey Sokol as he retires from York University after nearly fifty years of encouraging generations of Torontonians how to improvise.

Our second half begins with another collaboration with the long-running Intersection Festival: electronic legend Morton Subotnick performs his landmark composition Silver Apples Of The Moon. Vintage electronics in the vintage environs of the Jam Factory.

The Music Gallery and Intersection present

Part of the Departures Series, curated by Tad Michalak
The Jam Factory, 2 Matilda St.
Doors: 8:30PM/Concert 9PM
$30 Regular/$25 Advance online, Rotate This, Soundscapes/$20 Students, MG Members, Arts Workers

Electronic pioneer Morton Subotnick has been creating innovative compositional works with electronics, computers, and alternative media for over 50 years. His large scale electronic composition “Silver Apples of the Moon” commissioned by Nonesuch Records was the first of it’s kind and inspired decades of composers & performers to utilize electronic instruments in modern chamber music. Since then it has become a landmark recording & has been entered into the National Register of Recorded Works at the Library of Congress, of which only 300 recordings throughout the entire history of recorded music have been chosen. Subotnick continues to create boundary pushing music for both electronics & classical instruments. For this rare concert Subotnick will perform “Silver Apples of the Moon Revisited”.

Laura Dickens’ (Slutcode) solo project Leucrocuta sees her venture into dark electronic territory drawing on influence from industrial, ambient and outsider synth pop. Hard drum machines rhythms skitter & flow under layers of her vocals. Swaying like the winds, they coat her sonic landscape as they cut through with sharp hums. Vocal shadows scurry like insects. Leucrocuta feels like a dream often on fast forward, the distorted world seems almost surreal as it melts & shifts. Dickens’ vocals become the only spirits that can inhabit the mutating forest she’s created.

We regret that this venue is up one flight of stairs and therefore not fully accessible.

Concert Schedule 09.19  to 01.20

All shows at The Music Gallery, 918 Bathurst St. except where indicated
Tickets available at except where indicated

THURSDAY 09.01.19 8PM (Doors 7:30PM)

Morton Subotnick + Leucrocuta
$30 / $20 Mem, Stu, Arts / $25 Adv
The Jam Factory, 2 Matilda St.

Silver Apples Of The Moon revisited more than half a century later

SATURDAY 09.14.19 12PM 

Intersessions feat DJ Manara & Nino Brown
918 Bathurst St.

Learn to use CDJs at the latest edition of the women/LGBTQ-focused production seminar.

FRIDAY 09.27.19 8PM (Doors 7:30PM)

Moor Mother + Jerusalem In My Heart
$20 / $10 Mem, Stu / $15 Adv
918 Bathurst St.

Visceral noise and hallucinogenic visuals are especially dramatic in our main hall

X Avant XIV: Forward, October 17-20
Festival Pass $60

THURSDAY 10.17.19 8PM (Doors 7:30PM)

Germaine Liu: Still Life 
$18 / $10 Mem, Stu / $13 Adv
918 Bathurst St.

World premiere dance work from Toronto’s most ingenious percussionist

FRIDAY 10.18.19 8PM (Doors 7:30PM)

Lido Pimienta: Road To Miss Colombia + OKAN
$25 / $15 Mem, Stu / $20 Adv
918 Bathurst St.

New work from the Polaris 2017 winner arranged for brass, winds and vocals

SATURDAY 10.19.19 6PM

The Future Of Creative Music In Toronto
918 Bathurst St.

Panel Discussion moderated by Artistic Director David Dacks featuring Amanda Smith, Michael Rancic, Rich Brown and Jessica Cho aka Korea Town Acid

SATURDAY 10.19.19 8PM (Doors 7:30PM)

Willi Williams & New Chance + Holy Hum
$25 / $15 Mem, Stu / $20 Adv
918 Bathurst St.

An intergenerational sound system from Jamaica to Toronto to the future

SUNDAY 10.20.19 6PM

Forward Together
918 Bathurst St.

Panel discussion moderated by Del Cowie featuring Ange Loft, Cheryl Duvall, Keysha Fresh, Chelsea McBride

SUNDAY 10.20.19 8PM (Doors 7:30PM)

Sarah Hennies + Sound Of The Mountain & Guests
$20 / $10 Mem, Stu / $15 Adv
918 Bathurst St.Minimal sounds that don’t sound like minimalism.


SUNDAY 11.17.19 8PM (Doors 7:30PM)

History Series: Celebrating Casey Sokol
918 Bathurst St.

An evening with one of our co-founders as he moves on from a storied career teaching improvisation at York University

SUNDAY 11.24.19 8PM (Doors 7:30PM)

Emergents I: Baker Hess + Sarah Albu & Mari Mako
part of the Emergents Series, curated by Sara Constant
$12 / $8 Mem, Stu
918 Bathurst St.

Our first Emergents of the season is a vivid blend of electronics, improvisation and notated music

The Music Gallery and Bad New Days present
FRIDAY-SATURDAY 12.6-7.19 Friday-Saturday 8PM (Doors 7:30PM), Saturday Matinee: 4PM (Doors 3:30PM)

Melancholiac: The Music of Scott Walker
$25 / $15 Mem, Stu / $20 Adv
918 Bathurst St.

The late pop experimentalist gets his due in this “part concert, part spectacle, part existential talk-show”

SUNDAY 12.08.19 2:30PM 

Sounding Difference
918 Bathurst St.

Anne Bourne leads this community-centric event through scores written by the late Pauline Oliveros

FRIDAY 01.10.20 8PM (Doors 7:30PM)

New Music Concerts: The Mouths That Roar – Gabriel Dharmoo & Janice Jackson
$35 Reg / $25 Mem, Seniors, Arts / $10 Stu
918 Bathurst St.

Abstract, surprising and hilarious extended vocal techniques from two of Canada’s finest practicioners

Tickets available at

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