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In Memoriam: Roger D. Moore

Published on: March 30, 2019

Roger D. Moore was a great friend of the Music Gallery. It is with great sadness that we share the news of his passing. He was an outstanding champion of new music who supported our Emergents series for seven years. Throughout that time, he was always willing to give every artist a chance regardless of what kind of music they made. Roger’s encouragement and enthusiasm for sonic innovation (plus his reports on Toronto cycling conditions) will be sorely missed.

We’ve collected a few testimonials from Emergents alumni which speak to the kind of man he was.

Amahl Arulanandam

I’ve only gotten to know Roger over the last year and a half, two years time but he was a staple of every new music concert I ever played in or attended. His generosity is what has allowed myself and many of my friends and colleagues to have incredible opportunities in Toronto.

He was always lovely to talk to at concerts and online, and was genuinely invested in everything he supported and attended. He always greeted me warmly, and I’m sure we will all miss him rolling into different venues in his tweed suits, clutching his bicycle helmet.

Amanda Smith

Roger is a man I will continue to remember and have immense respect for long after his passing. I am so grateful for all of the deep conversations I had with him about music and the environment it exists in. From sit-down dinners to concert wines, Roger was always full of insight and interesting facts – this is what I will miss the most. Of course, he has been immensely generous to the music community in Toronto but his financial contributions really were an expression of his genuine kindness and his desire to have an impact on people. He certainly had one on me.

Christopher Willes 

I am deeply grateful for Roger Moore’s tireless support of music in Toronto, both as a patron and a dedicated listener. I personally benefited from an opportunity to present my work in the Music Gallery’s Emergence Series in 2013. That occasion allowed me to test new ideas, and develop meaningful collaborations with other artists that continue on today. Roger: thank you for believing in our community, and music’s capacity to bring us together. My deepest condolences to your family and loved ones. Rest in peace.

Bekah Simms

Roger was the kind of man you cherish in a musical community: a curious and avid listener who genuinely loved music of all kinds, and wanted to help make that music exist and be heard. His presence during and after concerts was delightful, because he was an excited listener and you could expect post-show conversations on not only the music but any number of esoteric topics as well. In Newfoundland, we would’ve said “that Roger is some character!”

In my own career, Roger’s support of the Toronto emerging composer award is the direct predecessor to my JUNO nomination: that piece simply wouldn’t have existed without Roger. He was instrumental in creating oppprtunites for so many of us; his loss is deeply felt as a friend to us and to the art of creative music.

Cheldon Paterson aka SlowPitchSound

Very sad to hear of Rogers passing, a huge loss to the arts community. His support has blossomed some amazing creations that will live on through everyone he has helped. Last year I was awarded an Emerging Composer award wich was made possible by Roger, it was for the creation of a bold new work. I had the pleasure of meeting him in person and thanked him for making a huge impact on my career. Rest in peace Roger.

Laura Swankey

I am incredibly grateful for Roger’s contribution to the Emergents series. Participating in that series in 2016 was an important moment for me creatively and professionally. It was the first push into my solo explorations which have become the central part of my creative output and artistic identity. It was also an opportunity to connect with many amazing and like-minded creators and arts facilitators. These connections are still central in my life. For that I am endlessly thankful.

Vanese Smith aka Pursuit Grooves

Last year during Emergents, I was in the back area of 918 Bathurst while I watched the audience slowly arrive.
I noticed there was an older gentleman who arrived fairly early. I pointed this out to Dave (Dacks) as he stood out, unusually, as the crowd tonight was filled with a fairly young, animated crowd. Dave commented, “Oh yeah that’s Roger!” And I replied “THE Roger Moore?” As I had remembered his name as a supporter for this concert as well as a performance earlier that month at a different venue. I walked directly toward him, bent down next to where he was sitting and thanked him kindly for supporting the show. I felt it hugely important to let him know that this NEW music, and young crowd, and especially myself as an artist appreciated his support. Truly sad to hear of his passing and lucky that I had the chance to shake his hand in thanks. We grow and thrive with the support of generous individuals, such as Roger.

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